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ISSA Journal December 2017


Adv ISSA Journal Dec 2017

I principali articoli dell'edizione di dicembre 2017, riservata ai Soci AIPSI-ISSA, includono:

  • A Simple Appeal to Common Sense: Why the Current Legal & Regulatory Regime for Information Security & Privacy Doesn't Work, and Cannot Be Made to Work, by Charles Cresson Wood, William S. Rogers, Jr., and Ralph Spencer Poore - ISSA Distinguish Fellow, North Texas Chapter.This article explores nine specific reasons why the current legal and regulatory process doesn't work and cannot be made to work, and why a new and radically redesigned process is now required.
  • Securing the Vendor: Changing the Dynamic of the Infosec Relationship, by Curtis Campbell - ISSA Senior Member, Chattanooga Chapter.This article discusses securing third-party vendors and the need for protecting organizational information wherever it is located. It focuses on the infosec relationship with internal business groups through cybersecurity discussions and risk analysis.
  • Is Encryption Dead? Quantum Computing's Impact on Cryptography, by Frank Gearhart - ISSA member, Colorado Springs Chapter.This article discusses the current state of quantum computing, ways that quantum computing will impact current cryptography, and some of the work being done on developing quantum-resistant cryptographic systems. As this article will show, there are reasons for both concern and guarded hope.
  • Tort Liability in Open Source Software Systems, by Samuel Roth. Most litigation pertaining to open source software has been in the realm of intellectual property, but this article discusses how open source software licenses may eventually be challenged and invalidated through tort liability claims.
  • Opportunities and Threats Part 2: Threats to Modern Cryptography, by Seetharaman Jeganathan.This article discusses quantum computing in two parts. In part one, the author shares an overview of quantum computing, new opportunities, and promises leveraging quantum computing and concludes with an introduction to quantum cryptography. Part two discusses potential threats to current public key cryptosystem and an overview of proposed mitigation options.

Ulteriori rubriche ed articoli:

  • From the President
  • The Season of Seasons
  • Sabett's Brief
  • What??? You Don't Trust Me To Sell You That Computer?
  • Herding Cats
  • I Made My Kid Cry
  • Gray Hat
  • It's Still About Data Integrity
  • Open Forum
  • Cracks in Facebook's Walled Garden
  • Perspective: Women in Security SIG
  • Building Community - Connecting Globally - Protecting Universally
  • Security in the News
  • Association News
  • ISSA/ESG Survey
  • Education Foundation Update
  • International Awards
  • Career Center



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