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ISSA Journal Maggio 2019

Adv ISSA Journal May 2019


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I principali articoli nell'edizione di Aprile 2019:


  • Choosing Tokenization or Encryption, by Jeff Stapleton - ISSA member, St. Louis Chapter. This article discusses the similarities and differences between two popular cryptographic techniques: tokenization and encryption. When making the decision between protection methods, there are several things to consider, including how the data is used and the key management life cycle.
  • Trends in Security Executive Leadership and the Rise of the vCISO, by Donna Gallaher - ISSA member, Metro Atlanta Chapter. This article discusses the author's personal experience and observations with starting her own business as a virtual CISO.
  • The Mathematics behind RSA Encryption, by William C. Barge - ISSA member, Northeast Indiana Chapter. The author describes the mathematics behind the RSA cryptosystem and a coding technique that can be used to decrease the chance of the calculation resulting in an abnormal end.
  • Industrial Cybersecurity Enhancements, by Cevn Vibert - ISSA member, UK Chapter. This article highlights alerts and advice for end users of automation and control systems (ICS/OT/IACS/SCADA) and selected advisory notes for practitioners of industrial cyber-physical security.
  •  NIST Cryptographic Algorithm and Module Validation Programs: Validating New Encryption Schemes, by Eric Lankford - ISSA member, Fort Worth Chapter.The author provides a simplified overview of how crytographic algorithms and modules are validated according to the Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program and Cryptographic Module Validation Program.
  • The Python Programming Language, by Constantinos Doskas - ISSA Senior Member, Northern Virginia Chapter. This article continues the discussion about the basic building blocks of the Python programming language. It is the second article in the Python training series. The main topic of this article is file input/output procedures and date processing.


  • From the President
  • Sabett's Brief
  • Cryptography As a Weapon
  • Women in Cybersecurity
  • A Historical 180 for Women in Technology
  • Crypto Corner
  • Another Quantum Breakthrough
  • Open Forum
  • Security Engineering and Integration Principles and Myths
  • Cryptic Curmudgeon
  • Quantum and Crypto
  • Security in the News
  • Association News
  • International Board Election: Call for Nominations
  • North Texas Chapter Donates $20,000 for Scholarship Funds
  • Career Center



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