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ISSA Journal Ottobre 2019

ISSA Journal, la rivista mensile riservata ai Soci AIPSI

I principali articoli nell'edizione di Settembre 2019:

  • Immaturity and Moral Hazard in the Cyber Insurance Market, by Kevin A. Sesock - ISSA member, Oklahoma City Chapter. Cyber insurance is an insurance market growing in size, complexity, and price at a time when cyber threats cause fear, uncertainty, and doubt throughout the market and among legislators, cybersecurity advocates, and the news media. The author argues that despite the perceived usefulness of such a policy type, cyber insurance policies remain an unsound investment for most organizations in most markets
  • The Role of Information Governance in Data Security, by John C. Montaña - ISSA member, Denver Chapter. This article discusses the need for inclusion of information governance in assessing the risk associated with implementing a data security framework such as the NIST Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity.
  •  Cloud Provider Continuous Assurance: EU SEC Framework for Continuous Assurance in the Cloud, by Dorian Knoblauch and Jim de Haas - ISSA member, Netherlands Chapter. Continuous auditing of cloud service providers is a challenge. It is intended that this article provide the reader with a better understanding of how continuous auditing and continuous control testing can work via the deliverables from an EU SEC-sponsored project.
  • The Python Programming Language: Relational Databases, by Constantinos Doskas - ISSA Senior Member, Northern Virginia Chapter. This article continues our discussion on database programming. Last month we explored relational database theory and set theory. We also presented simple SQL programming related to the above concepts. In this article we will continue examining the SQL SELECT JOIN and clauses that will give us additional control on database data manipulation.

Inoltre in questo numero:

  • From the President
  • Sabett's Brief
  • Lack of Thorough Cyber Due Diligence Firmly in GDPR Crosshairs
  • Herding Cats
  • Security Is Your Business
  • Gray Hat
  • Business and the Bifurcation of the Internet
  • Women in Cybersecurity
  • Aligning the Business Side of Security
  • The Cryptic Curmudgeon
  • Assistants and the "Business" of Privacy
  • Open Forum
  • Cyber Risk Is Business Risk: But How Can We Work Better Together?
  • Crypto Corner
  • Space Command 2.0
  • Security in the News
  • Association News
  • Fall 2019 Fellows
  • 2019 International Awards
  • Career Center


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