ISSA Journal Gennaio 2021


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Indice e contenuti dei principali articoli nell'edizione di Gennaio 2021:


  • The Ethical Use of Machine Learning in Cybersecurity, by Frank Gearhart - ISSA Senior Member, Colorado Springs Chapter. In this article the author explores some of the ethical issues involved in using machine learning-based tools and what this means for us as cybersecurity researchers and practitioners.
  • An Overview of Voice Authentication, by Nima Zahadat - ISSA member, NOVA Chapter. In this article, voice authentication will be reviewed, its features and strengths presented, and its vulnerabilities discussed.
  • Quantum Cryptography: Myths, Legends, and Hypothesis, by Jeff Stapleton - ISSA member, St. Louis Chapter. Organizations will need to undergo a cryptographic transition, migrating to post-quantum cryptography.
  • Managing Outsourced Risk: How to Read a SOC 1 or SOC 2 Report, by Audrey Katcher, Jennifer Zanone - ISSA member Denver Chapter, and Christine Figge. This article will help you better understand how a System and Organization Controls (SOC) report from a service organization can help you better manage the risk that your company outsources on a regular basis.
  • Privacy-Preserving Contact Tracing, by Richard Abrich and Gary S. Chan. Can governments and companies preserve individual privacy in the rush to build COVID-19 contact-tracing solutions? We answer this question and propose a solution using Privacy by Design, a global standard that defines seven foundational principles to design privacy-preserving systems.
  • Cyber Risk Management: Strategic Plan or Afterthought?, by Mark Langford - ISSA member, North Texas Chapter. This article discusses the current state of cyber risk management and the emerging factors that will motivate organizations to invest sufficiently in their cyber defenses to protect their vital data assets.
  • Python Programming: Object-Oriented Programming, by Constantinos Doskas - ISSA Senior Member, Northern Virginia Chapter. This article is part of a series of articles regarding the basic concepts of the object-oriented programming methodology. One of the most important concepts is polymorphism.


Inoltre in questo numero:

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