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ISSA Journal Gennaio 2020 - La rivista mensile riservata ai Soci AIPSI

 I principali articoli nell'edizione di Gennaio 2020:

  • Countering Gender Disparity: Creating Anti-Predictions Using Data Science, by Lori L. Cole - ISSA member, Blue Ridge Chapter. Gender disparity is a complex phenomenon that can be observed today in organizational climates, processes, and practices. This article will examine the state of gender disparity in the cybersecurity sector and nominate anti-predictions (actions to challenge standing predictions) to change its future state.
  • Smart Cities and Privacy, by Paige M. Boshell. This article offers a high-level overview of smart city use cases, technologies, and data analytics and discusses how privacy management and citizen engagement is critical to the successful deployment of smart city efforts--privacy is critical to citizen buy-in.

  • Immaturity and Moral Hazard in the Cyber Insurance Market, by Kevin A. Sesock - ISSA member, Oklahoma City Chapter. Cyber insurance is an insurance market growing in size, complexity, and price at a time when cyber threats cause fear, uncertainty, and doubt throughout the market and among legislators, cybersecurity advocates, and the news media. The author argues that despite the perceived usefulness of such a policy type, cyber insurance policies remain an unsound investment for most organizations in most markets.

  •  Drone Hacking: Mirai in the Sky?, by Clara Andress - ISSA member, Puget Sound Chapter and Jason Andress - ISSA Senior Member, Puget Sound Chapter. This article covers some of the security issues surrounding drones and drone hacking. Discussed are vectors that might be used to scale these up to a Mirai-style attack and some of the steps that could be taken to mitigate such issues.

Inoltre in questo numero:

    • From the President
    • Sabett's Brief
    • What's in Store for 2020?
    • Privacy
    • Westin Nations
    • Gray Hat
    • Next Generation Cyber Offense
    • Women in Cybersecurity
    • Leadership That Fuels Success: An Interview with Anne Marie Colombo
    • The Cryptic Curmudgeon
    • Looking Back on 2019
    • Security in the News
    • Open Forum
    • CISO Tips on Presenting to the Board
    • ISSA Strategic Partner: ITSPmagazine
      • The Future of Technology & Society: Time Traveling with Friends: 1840-2200
      • What Is SecOps' Role in Protecting the Employee at Home?: At The Edge
      • An InfoSec Life: A Conversation with Phillip Wylie
      • A Conversation with Jinan Budge: Forrester Cybersecurity Predictions 2020



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