ISSA Journal Febbraio 2021

ISSA Journal Febbraio 2021

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Indice e contenuti dei principali articoli nell'edizione di Febbraio 2021:


  • Public Policy and Cybersecurity, by Glorin Sebastian, CISSP, CISA.The global race to implement 5G raised many public policy and cybersecurity issues. This article tackles some of the public policy issues associated with the 5G rollout in the US and offers a glimpse of the international perspective as well.
  • Regulation, Public Policy, and the Law, by Nishant Srivastav. This article takes a look at some of the Cyber Security Issues in the US and around the globe.

  • Cybersecurity: Disaster Recovery Plan to Protect Business and Ransomware, By Nishant Srivastav. A look at cybersecurity threats and and how to plan for them.

  • CIS Controls: Best Practices to Cope with Threats and Attacks on Privileged Accounts, By Nishant Srivastava. In his third article, Nishant covers the importance of using a controls framework for managing your threat landscape.

  • The Most Common Control Deficiencies in CMMC non-compliant DoD contractors, By Vijay Sundararajan and Arman Ghodousi. This article presents the most commonly identified Security Control Deficiencies (SCD) faced, the attacks mitigated by addressing these SCD, and remediations suggested to 127 DoD contractors in order to bring them into compliance with the newly formed CMMC guidelines, the requirements and significance of cybersecurity compliance for small -midsized businesses.

  •  The Many Ways of BYOK, By Jeff Stapleton. Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) is a trending technology for providing cryptographic keys to third-party service providers (TPSP) including cloud providers. However, BYOK is not actually new, as key exchange has been around for decades using a wide variety of key management techniques. This article reviews legacy and current BYOK techniques, industry standards, cybersecurity policy, cryptography practices, and key management procedures.

  • Python Programming: Object-Oriented Programming, By Constantinos Doskas - ISSA Senior Member, Northern Virginia Chapter. This article is part of a series of articles regarding the basic concepts of the object-oriented programming methodology. One of the most important concepts is polymorphism. We will be using Python’s implementation of polymorphism to create a basic model of a switch and a router.


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  • From the President
  • Editor's Corner
  • Sabett's Brief
  • Women in Cybersecurity
  • Privacy
  • Security in the News
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